About Us

Who are we?

MedActiv products are for the first time available in Canada! We are locally owned and operated in the Okanagan Valley. Through a random set of events we have been able to import these quality medication cooler bags to Canada! With years of history and success in multiple countries around the world we are happy to be able to provide those with sensitive medication peace of mind to live their best lifestyle without worrying if their medication is at the correct temperature. We’re not just about selling products, we’re about helping people and will continue to look for unique products to help Diabetics and all people with temperature sensitive medications. We have a passion for giving back to the community and portions of our profits will be donated!

Bend the boundaries with quality products

  • The special fabric insert activates with water and uses the evaporation method to cool everything around it and keep medication below 25°C.
  • The blue bag polymers absorb 600 x more water in 40 seconds and become a gel pack.
  • Compact, Elegant and discrete.
  • They come with unique gel packs made up of specially formulated polymers that stay frozen for 11 hours, keeping the medication between 2-8°C.
  • Gel packs PVC prevents condensation.
  • Other general icepack flaws are that they last for only 4–5 hours and while defrosting, the condensation will wet your medication.
  • Elegant and discrete.
  • It is a professional looking bag and not a wallet/pouch
  • MedActiv bags are elegant and don’t look like a medical bag
  • Has a zip and not Velcro
  • Has pen holders to keep the medication independent and stable
  • The bag is thicker and offers more protection
  • People purchase Medactiv bags for all types of sensitive medication
  • Use any tap water, does not have to be very cold
  • Soak sheet for only 1-2 minutes in water – Very quick and ready to go. (not 5 – 12 min)
  • Easy to put back into the bag
  • Many people who buy the Easy bag will also purchase a Medactiv iCool bag in the future
  • MedActiv is a complete range of products and includes the iCool range which will keep insulin under 8 degrees.

Put simply Easy Bag and the Leading brand use the same technology, superabsorbent polymers.

The Leading Brand wallets use a powder form, which means that it tends to give an uneven spread of the polymer, which results in a less effective cooling distribution.

The EasyBag use a specially formulated polymer which is in sheet format, giving perfect distribution.

Why choose MedActiv?

The MedActiv solutions are specially designed to bring added value to the medications they are made for. Strategically located in France, Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Tunisia and Taiwan, we have over a decade of reputation of always anticipating the needs of our customers with an approach that is based on the total satisfaction of the end-user of the medication.

Our team of experts includes physicians, patients and engineers who are dedicated to finding better solutions for the transport and storage of sensitive medication. Many of our products have been rewarded with industrial design prizes worldwide. The entire MedActiv range of products received the Handicap 2010 Award from the Mayor of Paris.

Camping?  Travelling? Hiking? Now you can do anything you want with your medication stored safely!

With over a decade of sales in France, the UK, Australia and more, you can be sure that MedActiv products are of the highest quality.  With almost a 0 return rate, MedActiv bags will last for years to come.

You can trust that your medication is safely stored at the temperature you need, giving you peace of mind.